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* Services Offered * 

We have streamlined our services into manageable sections allowing you to move at your own pace and budget.  

Divorce Online with Professional Guidance

The first step is an initial case management meeting with an attorney to ensure you are aware of your rights and responsibilities and are moving forward with accurate legal advice.

$300 for one hour. 

  • LA County Petition Packet - $250.00*

    LA County Response Packet $199.00*

    Includes all documents required to open a divorce case in Los Angeles County and information sheet on how to file and serve your documents.*

    *For an additional fee, we can file and serve your documents. 

    *Please note the Court charges $435.00 to file your initial documents. 

    Divorce (no minor children)

  • LA County Petition Packet 

    Includes: Petition, Summons, Family Law Cover Sheet,  UCCJEA, and custody forms

    (FL 341)  $500.00*

    Response Packet  $500.00* 
    Plus filing and service fee

    Divorce (with children)

  • Petition Packet $400.00

    Response $400.00

    Hearing Packet $500.00

    Order After Hearing $250.00

    Judgment -$750.00


  • Hearing Packet

    This is how you ask the court for temporary custody or financial orders, such as child or spousal support, exclusive use of your home or vehicle.

    This packet includes: FL 300, FL 150, Client Declaration, Proof of Service  $500.00 

  • This includes a review of minute order and the drafting of the Order as stated by the Court at your hearing with instructions on how to serve and then file the Order After Hearing. $250.00 

    Order After Hearing Packet 

  • These forms are required to be exchanged by each party. $500.00

    This includes drafting the FL 140, 141, 142 (or FL 160)  and FL 150 plus attachment to preliminary declaration of disclosure with instructions how to serve and what documents need to be filed with the court. 

    Financial Disclosures

  • This is required to complete your divorce. It includes all forms and written agreement outlining custody and support orders and the division of assets and debts

     $999.00 with Children

     $650.00 without Children

    Judgment Packet

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